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MAJOR BUG with Realpolitiks (Outsourcing projects, easily fixed)

Bug for product: Realpolitiks
Version: latest official Steam version of game

I am forced to submit a bug report about Realpolitiks here, because reporting of this issue on the Steam forums Bug Reports section has received no reply or action on the issue (despite bug report being made 14 days ago), and this issue is a long-standing bug well-known in the community (jokes and memes have even been made about it) that has never been fixed (I decided to report this bug after realizing, maybe it had never been reported before- others just waited on someone else to do so, or assumed it had already been done and ignored...)

Essentially, this MAJOR late-game bug boils down to the following:

  • Outsourcing projects (under the "Trade" projects tab) are supposed to increase their Action Point yield with the size of a nation's GDP, similar to resource Import projects. This is clearly visible from the tooltip hover-over from the project, where the listed AP yield increases as GDP grows.
  • Prior to purchase of the project, AP yield at first purchase DOES grow as intended (however, bug is once project is purchased).
  • However, once purchased, the ACTUAL AP yielded by the project does not grow with GDP. It remains fixed at *exactly* the AP yield listed when the project was most recently purchased (cancelling the project, waiting 1 year, and re-purchasing will update the yield).  The tooltip will claim one AP yield, whereas cancelling the project after substantial GDP growth since purchase, for instance, will show a much smaller change in AP income/deficit than if this value were true.
  • Money maintenance of the project DOES increase with GDP, even though AP yield does not.  This not only leads to the tooltip lying to the player about AP yield, but also about the Money:AP conversion ratio (which grows worse and worse compared to the values listed in the tooltip, as GDP grows).
  • Again, cancelling the project and re-purchasing it after the 1 year timer preventing this expires is a workaround.  But as the project has a large initial cost in Money, this is incredibly inefficient and irritating to do- especially when your economy is growing rapidly (slow GDP growth requires this micromanagement to work around the bug much less often).
  • Without the workaround, late-game economies will ALWAYS eventually collapse if the player's economy is growing at all, as net AP income levels out and eventually becomes negative, unless the player cancels almost all projects with an AP maintenance that scales with GDP size (nearly every Economy project in the game)- forcing the player to revert to a Low economic development level (poor GDP/capita, even as population can continue to grow indefinitely).  Like in real life, it is impossible to run an advanced, modern economy without at least some Outsourcing.


SUGGESTED SOLUTION: Action Point income from the Outsourcing project should be corrected so that it grows with GDP (as intended) and matches the values displayed on the project tooltip even after project purchase (values only match at the moment of project purchase, and become increasingly inaccurate thereafter).  The code for how the resource Import project works should provide a clear model for how the project is supposed to work, and a guide to fixing what is wrong with the bugged code for the Outsourcing projects.


@Mathyl @mr-shibainu @ana is anyone looking into this bug?

Due to the lack of a bug reports subforum for the original game (which really should exist: I'd love to see this thread migrated there...), I am calling attention to this issue here in the hope of seeing it fixed.

Already own two of your company's products, and both have far too many bugs.  Chances are never buying another if this goes ignored (and will go out of my way to warn other not to either), after all the effort I've made just to get some kind of developer response to such an obvious bug crippling the late-game...